Vietnamese teen seeks doctor's help with penis stuck in trouser zip

Created 16 May 2018
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He had no other options but cutting the zip out of the trousers and went to see a doctor.

Vietnamese teen seeks doctor's help with penis stuck in trouser zip


A 19-year-old boy in Ho Chi Minh City had to show up at a local clinic on Tuesday to have his penis released from a trouser zip.

The young man was rushing for school, so he decided to skip the underwear and pulled the zip hastily, causing his penis to stuck into the zip.

As he was unable to save his private part, he decided to cut the zip out of the trouser and went to see a doctor.

Doctor Vo Duy Tam at a private clinic specializing in men’s health, who handled the case, said it was lucky for the young man that the stuck part was just the skin of the penis, and he only needed to anesthetize that part and removed it from the zip.

But the patient still had to take medicine for the injuries.

Tam said incidents of stuck penis are not rare and warned that anyone getting themselves in this situation should go to a clinic or hospital for proper solution instead of trying to solve it at home, which can cause more severe injuries.


Source: VNE

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