VN confectionery products hold their own against foreign rivals

Created 13 February 2018
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People are preferring confectionery products from Vietnamese manufacturers than foreign products in order to prepare for up-coming Tết (Lunar New Year).


At Bến Thành Market, traditional candied lotus, coconut, squash, soursop, and sweet potato from local brands such as Bảo Hiên Rồng Vàng, Bảo Minh and Thái Hương are popular. — Photo:

HCM CITY — People are preferring confectionery products from Vietnamese manufacturers than foreign products in preparing for the coming Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Wholesale markets of Bến Thành, An Đông, Tân Định and Bình Tây are offering traditional candied lotus, coconuts, squash, soursop and sweet potatos from local brands such as Bảo Hiên Rồng Vàng, Bảo Minh, and Thái Hương.

Most are competitively priced at VNĐ150,000-200,000 (US$6.6-8.8) per kilogramme.

Phùng Thị Mai, who owns a stall at Bình Tây Market in District 6, said though confectionery imported from Thailand, Australia and the US are selling well, customers like Vietnamese products such as sunflower seeds, cashews and pistachio nuts.

Sunflower seeds cost VNĐ120,000-140,000 ($5.3-6.2) per kilogram, while cashew and pistachio nuts are priced from VNĐ350,000 – 400,000 ($15.4-17.6).

According to Mai, 70 per cent of confectionery products in Bình Tây market are from Vietnamese manufacturers.

In big supermarkets such as BigC and Coopmart, traditional jams by local brands such as Hương Việt and Golden Farm are popular.

They are offered at affordable prices, such as VNĐ100,000-190,000 ($4.4-8.4) for a kilogram.

Nguyễn Thanh Mai from District 10 said in previous years, she had bought imported products from the whole markets. But this year, she chose products from famous Vietnamese brands in the supermarket to ensure quality.

“Confectionery by big brands like Kinh Đô, Hải Hà and Bibica are packed in colourful tin boxes and sold at reasonable prices,” she said.

Organic products

The demand for organic rice, vegetables and fruits spike on this occasion as well.

Famous organic farms such as Nông Gia Miền Tây and Hello Rice produce their sweets made from organic fruits to serve the market in Tết.

The candied fruits are priced from VNĐ50,000-80,000 ($2.2-3.5) per package of 350 grams.

This year’s market also sees the popularity of mushroom floss made from organic mushrooms.

Although pricey at VNĐ1.2 million ($53) per kilogram, it has sold like hotcakes.

Phan Văn Hiệp, who lives in District 11, said: “Today people love clean food to ensure their health. I choose organic products from prestigious manufacturers to prepare for Tết.” — VNS


Source: VNN

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