Created 03 December 2018

Education “crisis”: a media exaggeration?

Many problems face Vietnam’s education sector, but they do not represent the entire system, analysts say.

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Created 15 July 2017

Vietnamese province proposes adding 4 hydropower projects to existing 42

Quang Nam Province in south-central Vietnam is eyeing the construction of four new hydropower plants despite already straining its rivers with 42 such projects.

Created 13 July 2017

Hà Nội parents race for pre-school admissions

Hundreds of parents have joined the competition of lucky draws to get a place for their kids at State-owned pre-schools, especially in the new urban areas of Hà Nội, due to the severe shortage of public facilities there.


Created 11 July 2017

Old reservoirs in north central region create concerns

With the monsoon approaching, the condition of hundreds of reservoirs in the central provinces of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri has increased concerns of possible danger.

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Created 02 January 2012
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When will Vietnam’s mathematics go beyond the “ivory tower?”

All the modern industries and services can only develop on the basis of mathematics, and all economies need mathematicians. Meanwhile, the number of mathematicians in Vietnam remains modest.

Created 31 December 2011
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Vietnamese urban children get “westernized”

Educators have expressed their worries about the so called “westernization tendency” of Vietnamese children in urban areas, which may lead them to forget about their original point.

Created 25 August 2011
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Love for mathematics exists no longer among Vietnamese students?

 Different opinions have been cited to explain the downgrading of the Vietnamese students’ achievements at International Olympiads. However, mathematicians have agreed that the most important thing in teaching mathematics is not giving tricks to solve mathematics questions, but to arouse the love for mathematics.

Created 07 August 2011
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What educational policy for the Mekong Delta

Some said that the Mekong Delta is the “depression” of Vietnam’s education and the local people are not eager for studies. However, a senior journalist in this region did not agree and claimed that the region only lacks the state’s attention.

>> What educational policy for the Mekong Delta

>> Mekong Delta and land problem

>> When farmers desert their villages

>> The Mekong Delta cries for help

>> The Mekong Delta’s deadly foibles 

>> Lying on a field of gold, the Mekong Delta still poor


Created 05 August 2011

People and historians call for renovating teaching method

Renovating syllabus, changing the teaching and learning methods are the things that historians believe need to be done immediately in order to “rescue a new Vietnamese generation bad at history”


Created 31 July 2011
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Vietnamese students’ achievements go downhill at int’l Olympiads

Educators have alerted that Vietnamese students’ achievements at international Olympiads have been decreasing, while calling for urgent actions to improve the downgrading.


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