Created 10 July 2018

The young spinster

Every couple of years, Huan travelled away from home for several days to visit faraway rural areas to research folklore. These journeys relaxed him. He had done a lot in his career: a co-author of some treatises on proverbs, folk-lore, tales and even folk-songs – although he knew nothing about music.

Created 08 July 2018

Teaching our kids lessons in life, not test prep

It’s obvious that education reform, including exam reform is necessary, but on the other hand, it turns the colourful and lively times at school into a life full of worry with homework and other pressures.

Created 01 July 2018

The emotional mayhem of watching your pets die

There is no easy way to deal with the death of our beloved pets. How we respond may depend on how much emotional endurance each of us has.

Created 27 June 2018

Do litterbugs deserve public naming and shaming?

Have you ever seen a garbage bag sitting (and stinking) in front of your house, even though you hung a sign saying, “Please do not leave trash here”?


Created 24 June 2018

Modern infrastructure needed to improve PE

While it is clear that sports are beneficial for the health of people of all ages, including students, it seems that many Vietnamese students are not aware of the importance of sports activities and physical education to their physical health.

Created 22 June 2018

Make football TV programmes great again

The FIFA World Cup 2018 kicked a week ago in Russia, with hundreds millions of football fans across the world watching, including those Việt Nam. It really is a time to “eat football, sleep football and breathe football”.


Created 17 June 2018

Are long music videos worth the watch?

In recent years, the Vietnamese music scene, especially music for young people, has made great strides in production quality, especially music videos. In the past, music videos were simple, with the main content used to highlight vocals and music. The videos of today are very different.

Created 14 June 2018

Cash rewards for studying?

A video clip featuring a teacher of a secondary school in HCM City giving cash reward for students has gone viral.


Created 10 June 2018

Schools should nurture all, not only some

Education is about accepting all students, not eliminating those who struggle, a retired teacher writes.

Created 03 June 2018

Young people trade job stability for freedom

The young generations now feel more self-confident and find it easier to take on new jobs, and change careers. They have more conditions to experience different jobs and enjoy life, and this is something totally new to the older generations.


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