Created 03 December 2018

Hanoi starts catching stray dogs to fight rabies

The local authorities in Hanoi have started to catch stray dogs on the streets of Thanh Xuan District in an attempt to fight rabies.

Created 05 November 2018

What's a human being worth?

Human beings are often assessed according to their economic value. What at first sounds absurd is in fact standard practice.

Created 02 November 2018
Created 01 November 2018
Created 31 October 2018

Humans are pooping out plastic, study finds

Plastic has been found in participants' bodies after they consumed food and beverages stored in plastic wrapping, bottles and containers.

Created 30 October 2018

China to build replica ship of the Titanic

A replica of the Titanic is being built in China and is set to sail by 2022.

Created 30 October 2018
Created 29 October 2018

Edible snakes at Vietnam seafood market

This market in southern Vietnam is not for the faint-hearted as there is more to it than meets the eyes.

Created 27 October 2018

Explore the ‘Kingdom of fermented fish’ in Mekong Delta

Chau Doc Market in An Giang Province, southern Vietnam, is where visitors can get a true taste of Mekong Delta via fermented fish dishes.


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