The end is (almost) nigh

Created 12 December 2017
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2017 has been a rough year, and it’s about to get worse: the undead are on the loose in Viet Nam.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho người chết sống lại

(Ảnh minh họa)

2017 has been a rough year, and it’s about to get worse: the undead are on the loose in Viet Nam.

At least that’s what one family in Điện Thắng Nam Commune, Điện Bàn Town in central province of Quảng Nam thought.

Last Wednesday evening 90-year-old Nguyễn Thị Phận was thought to have died after an accident.

After seeing Phận in serious conditions with sharply reduced blood pressure, a gradually slowing heartbeat and a lack of breath, her family started preparing her funeral.

However, early the next morning, Phận rose from the dead and started to sweep the floor.

Doctor Võ Quang Huy, vice director of 115 Emergency Centre in HCM City told Người lao động ( The Labourer) newspaper that doctors at the centre saw cases in which patients discharged from hospital were told to go home to wait for death but soon after they returned home, they came “back to life”.

In other cases, when doctors arrived, families said the ill people had died but as soon as the medical workers gave them cardiopulmonary resuscitation, they recovered, Huy said.

Huy added that medical workers must conduct many measures to test if someone is dead or not, and even when victims’ heart stopped beating, they need time to confirm death.

So before you stock up on canned goods in anticipation of a zombie apocalypse, give a doctor a call, they probably have a better idea about matters of life and death than you. — VNS


Source: VNN

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