Ho Chi Minh’s seminal book on revolution translated into Italian

Created 13 September 2018
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President Ho Chi Minh’s Revolutionary Path has been translated in Italy and La Via Della Rivoluzione is now widely read.
Duong Kach Menh, or La Via Della Rivoluzione published by Anteo Edizioni. Photo courtesy of Anteo Edizioni publishing house. 

The translation was mooted by publishing house Anteo Edizioni, Vietnam’s honorary consul in Turin, Sandra Scagliotti, and the Italy-Vietnam Friendship Association.

Scagliotti has written in the book’s foreword that she highly values Duong Kach menh, which created the foundation for spreading the revolutionary doctrines of Marx and Lenin in Vietnam.

She also extols its tremendous value with regard to revolution theory and practice, referring to its role in popularizing them.

Scagliotti told Vietnamese press that publishing Revolutionary Path in Italian would also allow Italians to have a better understanding of Vietnam and its history. It would also help narrow the gap between Italy and other European neighbors when it comes to Vietnamese studies, she added.

Fausto Co, president of the Italy-Vietnam Friendship Association, said the president’s book has been written in extremely simple style.

Duong Kach Menh, or La Via Della Rivoluzione published by Anteo Edizioni. Photo courtesy of Anteo Edizioni publishing house. 

La Via Della Rivoluzione, the Italian translation of Ho Chi Minh’s Duong Kach menh, published by Anteo Edizioni. Photo courtesy of Anteo Edizioni publishing house. 

Ho Chi Minh himself had made it clear that he wanted his writing to be "easy to understand and remember" so that "his people can read, reflect and contemplate about it and then wake up, wake up to unite and together create a revolution.”

The literary style of the book and the hope the book engenders revolve around the word “revolution,” he had said.

Co said President Ho Chi Minh pointed out the fundamental characteristics of social transformation, which is a collective effort for a shared purpose, unity of action and the collective consciousness.

Stefano Bonilauri, director of Anteo Edizioni, said Duong Kach menh is of great historical and cultural value, and La Via Della Rivoluzione would surely garner a great deal of attention in Italy.

His company would publish more works about Vietnam to introduce and promote the country among Italians, he promised. 

Anteo Edizioni specializes in literary works on diverse topics like history, geopolitics, geography, human geography, and general sciences.

Duong Kach menh  was recognized as a national treasure of Vietnam in 2012. The original version was put on display at the Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi for the first time last year.

The Department of Cultural Heritage has said it is regarded as the first political document by the Communist Party.

Source: VNE

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