Visiting Lang Biang Mountain

Created 29 December 2017
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A trip to the hilly resort city of Da Lat would be incomplete without visiting the Langbiang plateau and tasting ruou can (wine stored in a big jar and drunk by using a long pipe), a specialty of ethnic people in the Central Highlands.

About 300 kilometers northeast of HCMC and at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, Da Lat has a cool climate. And thanks to the good weather, Da Lat is seen as a garden of flowers that bloom all year round and is famous for its pine forests and many beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

Those who love adventures and wish to gain a fantastic experience for their journey should try taking a Jeep ride to the peak of Rada hill at the height of 1,929 meters where tourists can take a panoramic view of Da Lat City in the mist and listen to the touching love story of a couple named Lang and Biang.

But it is a thrilling and unforgettable experience for young people to conquer the two highest peaks of the Langbiang plateau, Ong Mountain at the height of 2,124 meters and Ba at 2,167 meters who enjoying a night stay in the middle of the forest.

Tourists should not miss a chance to experience a cozy family meal with Lach ethnic people at the foot of the Langbiang mountain and learn about daily lives and spiritual values of the ethnic minority community in the Central Highlands.


Source: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

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