Artificial Intelligence enables students to create artwork

Created 02 December 2018
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Stunning pieces of art created by Lao Cai high school students using artificial intelligence (AI) software is one of the highlights of a project implemented by the Korean Institute for Arts and Culture Development in Lao Cai province.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lao Cai high school students


These lively, artistic, surreal decorations based on vivid Lao Cai mountainous landscapes were brought to life and printed on square scarves and wall paintings. Under the guidance of Korean experts,   high school students in Lao Cai province have made creative works after just one month of access to an AI programme.

At the ceremony, students performed creative works by using virtual reality technology such as quick drawing by using Tilt Brush by Google, or producing electronic music by midi Launchpad. Twenty artworks celebrating 26 years of Vietnam-Korea diplomatic ties were also displayed at the event. –


Source: VNA - Bridge


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