Five artists join multi-dimensional exhibition in Hanoi

Created 11 July 2018
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HCMC - The VICAS Center for Assistance and Development of Contemporary Arts (VICAS Art Studio) in Hanoi will host a multi-dimensional exhibition called “The Tropical” from July 18 to August 17, featuring 39 multi-color, multi-style paintings of five artists.

According to Dr. Bui Quang Thang, art director of VICAS Art Studio, Nguyen Thanh Hai’s paintings are a unique blend of the spirit of a plain and simple rocker, the rhythm of a samba dancer and the color of a Fauvism artist. The thickness of colors, dazzling but attractive, is the artist’s intuitive expression of the appealing landscapes of a tropical zone, including sunshine, wind, blue sea, coconut trees and wandering splendid clouds.

Pham Sinh’s colorful paintings of plants, flowers, and nuances of the natural climate distinctively represent the tropical zone. But his ultimate goal is not to describe the scene but to express his feelings about them, paintings of flowers are like the excitements and desires of a man standing in front of a beautiful woman or, in other artwork, are the baptism of the soul witnessing the transformation of two dichotomous natural phenomenons.

Tao Linh’s tropical zone is not the bright rays of silky sunshine, the blue of the ocean, or the jubilation of aura yet the tropical zone deep inside of every human being: peaceful and soft sometimes, but also sweltering and uneasy. In the paintings of Linh, people may see the harmony between mediating and suggestive strokes and light and delicate colors.

Nguyen Manh Quynh figures a tropical zone of his inner soul with eight abstract paintings. It is the expression – abstract presentation of love, friendship, good and evil. The language in his paintings reminds people of the extreme weather in the land of tropical monsoon with sultry heat, the trembling cold of the northeast winter wind or the wet and humid air that makes it hard to breathe.

Luu Vu Long is one of the few neo-expression painters in Vietnam. Although the colors in his artworks are of tropical zone, he does not literally mention its natural features. His paintings address concerns on the social-humanity issues of the land where we are living in: the mediation of being a human being and the desire for a better life between people and people.

Source: ThesaigonTimes

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