Men’s football demands peak Asiad 2018 ad prices in Vietnam

Created 23 August 2018
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A 30-second halftime advert during Vietnamese men’s football matches at Asiad 2018 will cost a hefty $6,450.

Men’s football demands peak Asiad 2018 ad prices in Vietnam


Radio and television broadcaster Voice of Vietnam (VOV) has announced the fees for halftime advertisements for Vietnam men’s football matches until September 2.

The announcement came after VOV succeeded in buying broadcasting rights to Asiad 2018 a few days after it opened, and 10 days after the Vietnamese men’s football team played their first match of the tournament.

On the broadcaster’s VTC1 and VTC3 TV channels, a 30-second halftime advertisement during the national men’s football matches will cost VND150 million ($6,450).

When the on air duration is shorter, the prices are $3,800 for 15 seconds and $3,200 for 10 seconds.

For football matches not featuring Vietnam, the prices are halved. For other sports like swimming, volleyball or wushu that have Vietnamese competitors, the price is $2,600 for 30 seconds; and this drops to $200-400 for events without Vietnam.

Enterprises can choose when to air their ads. There are six ad time options: during pre-game commentary; before the first half; after the first half; just before the second half; after the match; and during post-match commentary.

“I think the prices are quite acceptable because many people will watch the Vietnam men’s football team on TV,” said Thuong Giap, director of an advertising company.

Advertising experts noted that VOV’s earnings will depend entirely on how far the Vietnamese football team will go in the tournament.

“If Vietnam wins tomorrow and advances to the next round, broadcaster and enterprises will profit. If not, I think VOV will suffer losses because advertising in other sports like women’s football or volleyball will not bring as much money as men’s football,” Giap said

But VOV has already won the fans’ appreciation for acquiring the broadcasting rights.

“It’s too soon to tell whether VOV will suffer financial losses or not, but they have already scored in our eyes as they bought the broadcasting rights.

“Football fans in general and sports fans in general will be grateful for that because they won’t have to find illegal streaming links with low quality,” said Le Hanh, a TV media expert.

In recent years, prices for broadcasting rights for big sports events have rocketed. Vietnamese broadcasters, therefore, have to be careful that their purchases do not lead to heavy losses.

National broadcaster VTV had to get financial support from VinGroup to get broadcasting rights for World Cup 2018 in June, due to the high price that Infront Sports & Media offered.

After securing the broadcasting rights for World Cup 2018, VTV announced record prices for advertising at halftime during the final - VND800 million ($34,300) for 30 seconds on air.


Source: VNE

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